Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life Outside of Facebook Really Does Exist: My New Ideal Reality

In my ideal reality, social networking and blogging and tweeting are the means necessary to get me back to writing regularly. In my ideal reality I blog consistently and have legions of followers hanging on my every word. I post clever, mysterious, and humorous status updates that make all one billion people in the FB family want to be my friend. And I tweet, whatever that means. This is the reality I'm in love with.

In my true reality, I rarely blog. The life I'm supposed to be blogging about absorbs my writing time and more often that not, leaves me to exhausted to type. Or, I let writer's block get the best of me. Or I just don't feel like it. And those legions of followers? Uh, they number into the ... zeros. And Facebook? Addicted. To the point that this past Friday I put my foot down and banned myself for one week. I was checking my News Feed every few minutes to get the latest news from all my virtual friends. While I was ecstatic that they were having great days, enjoying the cool morning air, and planning busy days, I found myself thinking, "Who really cares?" When it gets to that point, you pretty much have to plan an intervention. And Twitter? Never been there, don't plan to do that.

So, what have I been doing with all of this extra time? I'm creating a new ideal reality that includes reading books to my girls, coloring with them in their ginormous ABC coloring book, playing Little Red Riding Hood with a scrap of red fabric we dug out from underneath the bathroom sink, introducing them to "The Wizard of Oz," engaging in some professional development, exploring a writing project that really rather excited about, cleaning and organizing, and finding my way back to the gal I was before Ruthie and Audrey exploded onto the scene. I really liked that gal.

Maybe I should Facebook her when I lift my ban on Friday.

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