Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Do You Take Your Play-Doh?

 I like mine like this:

Ahhh ... neat, orderly, each color in its proper container. I'm giddy just looking at this image. I also like my life like this. I used to be ashamed to admit it, but you know what? It works for me. But hold up. Let's whip out the monocle and examine this topic a little more closely.

Here's the interesting thing. (Are you ready? Hold on to your mind, this just might blow it right out of your beautiful head.) In my ideal reality, my life is a wild and crazy mish-mash of color. And in my real reality, my life is a wild and crazy mish-mash of color. For once, I have it both ways! Yet, for whatever reason, I can't quite come to terms that my real reality is one big mound of warm, oozy, smushed, smashed, somewhat salty multi-colored Play-Doh. Weird. I still try my darnedest to put my all the colors in my life into their proper container. Huh. I think I just uncovered an alternate ideal reality in which everything is ordered and precise. Whoa. I think I just blew my own mind. Need more coffee.

In my search to find an image of smushy, mixed up Play-Doh to represent my real reality (obviously, I came up with nada), I came across tons and tons of sites devoted to the age-old question: To mix or not to mix? Apparently, there is a raging debate on this subject. Just Google "mixing playdough colors." Of course, I should give props to Hasbro, the god/goddess of Play-Doh. According to the company, it is 100% A-OK to mix colors. (See the official Color Mixing Guide). How else would you get stunning colors such as Leaf, Plum, Sunset, Sky, Sea and Pumpkin?  And doesn't everyone's life need some stunning color from time to time? I know mine does. Perhaps it's time I start appreciating the colors I do have and mixing some new ones.

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