Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ideal Realty Vs. Real Reality: Deep Thoughts

Deep thoughts ahead:

After my last post about the situation in Libya, and after listening to more news reports and firsthand accounts, it dawned on me. "It" being this (stay with me): Someone's Ideal Reality is alwas someone else's Real Reality, and someone's Real Reality is always someone else's Ideal Reality. For example, the majority of people in Libya apparently want freedeom and, possibly, a democracy that resembles that of the United States. Right now, that is their Ideal Reality, but it is my Real Reality. At this moment in time, I don't have an example of how someone's Real Reality is my Ideal Reality, but hopefully this made some sense. I have a bit of a cold - or allergies - so I'm a little muddled. One last thought on Libya: In the images I've seen, I see lots and lots of Libyan men in the streets protesting, but I don't see women and children along side them. I find this interesting, and it concerns me because that country cannot have true freedeom and a true democracy if they are not willing to let women (and children to some extent) have a voice. End of deep thoughts.

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