Monday, December 15, 2008

Analyze THIS!

I rarely write down my dreams, but I had a dream the other night that was so vivid and so strange that I can't get it out of my mind. I dreamed that I became the mother of quintuplets - all boys. But wait ... that's the tame part of the dream. Keep reading.

The dream began right after I had the babies. Sort of. I was in a Target store and kept running to the back of the store to check on the babies because, apparently, in addition to housing inventory, the back room also served as a medical facility. I think I kept running back and forth because I had the twin DDs with me in the store, although they didn't appear in the dream. I was wearing clothes I normally wear and had my makeup and hair done. No signs of pregnancy or of having just given birth minutes before. It was just a typical day in my life other than the nurses, with the help of two of my older nephews, just kept bringing baby boy after baby boy and placing them side-by-side in a hospital-type bassinet. The babies were fraternal and wrapped burrito-style in white blankets. The nurses asked me what I wanted to name them. I said, "Well, one is Adam Edward and another is Christopher James. I have no idea about the other names because my husband and I only picked out two boys names. I'll have to wait until he gets back to talk to him about it." I have no idea where DH was, but the feeling I got from the dream was that he was either at work or out of town.

Suddenly, in the dream, it hit me that I would need five more car seats. I remember thinking that there was no way I could fit five more car seats into my Ford Escape. I realized then that we were going to have to buy a minivan. Then I started wondering how I was going to haul seven kids to the doctor, the store, and anywhere else I wanted to go. And, I began wondering how I was going to feed five babies because handling the twins was a struggle. I wasn't panicked or upset, just sort of stunned that I hadn't thought through all of the details in the time preceding the arrival of my sons. And then I woke up.

So, for anyone who analyzes dreams, what do you think? I thought it was strange that my DH and DDs were not in the dream, but I knew that they existed. The two boys names I chose in the dream were the two names DH and I decided on before we found out we had two DDs. And the idea that I didn't have anything organized or planned before the quintuplets arrived is 100% against my character. I'm an organizer/planner/worrier. So, what gives?

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