Thursday, January 8, 2009

Head Wounds ... Continued

The other day I wrote about Audrey falling down the stairs and the bruise she received. Well, this evening Ruthie fell down and knocked her head three times in one hour. The first time, she was very excited and came running over to me with the Dora and Boots transparencies for the Dora the Explorer Doodle Pro Santa brought Audrey. One of Ruthie's favorite activities is having me trace the transparencies. Right when she got to me, she tripped. Her forehead hit the wrought iron leg of the table. Immediately, a bruise began forming. I got her calmed down, we traced Dora, all was good ...

About 15 minutes later I went upstairs to look for Larry and Bob (VeggieTales characters, stuffed, lovies) as a pre-emptive strike against an ugly bedtime. Mark was chasing Ruthie when she tripped over a life-size (to her) Larry Boy (again VeggieTales). Her head hit the wall, and a goose egg formed on contact. Oh, I should mention that Ruthie is so fair skinned she might as well be translucent. So any injury, no matter how minor, shows up in a glaring way. Again, we got her calmed down by telling her it was bath night. All was good ...

After bath time, we let the girls run nekkid through the house for a few minutes. They love, love, love it, and it's hilarious to watch. There is just something endearing about watching little baby butts running wild and free. Mark set Ruthie down on the bathroom floor so she could run. I don't know if her feet were still wet, or there was water on the floor, or what. But her legs went out from under her, and she fell backward, hitting her head. For the third time, we got her calmed down.

So, Ruthie looks like she's been beaten about the head by careless parents. What's a parent to do? Mark and I sang "Frosty the Snowman," (or "Frosty the Man Man," as the girls call him,) to them and called it a night. Here's to an injury-free tomorrow.

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  1. Hope the girls haven't had any more injuries since the other day. I wish it were spring and the weather was like it was on Friday. This cold stuff is for the birds!

    I love Frosty the Man Man. Every time I read that, I hear Ruthie saying it!!