Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ladies Night

What a long day it has been. I'm beat,even though I really didn't do anything today. Mark was home until about 2:30 this afternoon, then he had to go into work to support year-end finance stuff. He wont be home until late. So, it's ladies night. The girls exhausted every form of home entertainment. They played the piano, listened and danced to their CD, watched part of "Frosty the Snowman," played with their toys, fought. By 4:45, I was tapped out. So, I put them in a crib together while I fixed dinner (hot dogs, carrots, and animal crackers. We are totally gourmet around here). I could hear them laughing and giggling. They really like to be together in a crib. It's one of the few times they acknowledge each other's presence. After dinner, they examined their new Leapfrog Fridge toy (as in magnetic letters were flung all over the house), and I called my sister for a little adult interaction. Bedtime finally rolled around, and here I am with a few hours to myself. I fought off the urge to head straight to bed and am taking the opportunity to write. Something. Anything. At least I am writing. That is my goal.

What to do now? I have it all planned out. I am going to change into my flannel pjs, snuggle into bed and read more of The Spellman Files (I'm really liking this book) or watch some of the "Monk" marathon on USA. I never get to watch that show, and I enjoy it. Maybe I will get a little crazy and do some of both. Whoa!

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