Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Daily Existence

So many funny, scary, maddening and just plain weird stuff went on today that I don't know where to begin. Here goes. What follows is a long, and probably boring, recount of a typical day.

The girls start Montessori next week, and today they went in to observe their classroom. I guess it went ok. They seemed fine while I was in the room, then I stepped out. They still would have been fine, but I decided to sneak a peek. Mistake. Big mistake. I saw Ruthie fall and hit her head on the floor. She started crying, then she saw me peeking and started wailing. About that time, Audrey saw me, ran over to the baby gate separating us, and she started wailing. What did I do? I left. For real. Out of the parking lot. See ya. What else was I going to do? It was tough. We haven't been apart since June. While I'm looking forward to a little free time, it's not easy leaving the peeps. I went home and super cleaned our bathroom. That helped occupy my mind. Let's just say, it needed it. When I went to get the girls two hours later, they were fine. I knew they would be. But do they have to be so dramatic? I should enjoy it b/c I know the day is coming when I will leave the room, and they won't care. Then I will be very sad.

Audrey fell down the stairs this afternoon and gave me quite a scare. She was trying to go down them "big-girl style." Ruthie was making her way down the first set of stairs. She is prone to clumsiness, so I looked away from Audrey for a split second to check on Ruthie, and it happened. I heard her head hit the floor. Hard. She was doing the silent scream, which she never does (that's Ruthie's trademark), so I knew she was hurt. Her eyes sort of closed for millisecond, and I went into panic mode, fearing a life-altering concussion and permanent brain damage. I kept jostling her to make her stay awake. She cried, I teared up, and Ruthie played happily with her new Fisher-Price farm. Audrey's fine, despite a small bruise above her left eyebrow. Actually, she and Mark are now twins. He somehow slammed the car door on his head this past weekend, and it left a bruise above his left eyebrow.

Let's see. Oh. Ruthie mocked me. Apparently, I point my finger and say, "Right now!" on a regular basis b/c that's what Ruthie was doing. It made me cringe.

What else? Mark and I are thinking about refinancing our mortgage b/c the rates are incredibly low right now. So, he had the loan application, but didn't mention that he wanted to talk about it tonight, even when I asked him what his plans were after putting the girls to bed. So, I'm all geared up to Facebook, and he comes into the office huffing and puffing about needing certain insurance documentation and where can he find it, and he needs to make copies of such and such using the copier that is on my desk. Basically, he was all up in my grill, and I got irritated. So, we had a little spat. Over nothing. Because I'm grumpy. It's fine now.

Lastly, I was getting ready to blog, and heard the compressor go on and shut off immediately, as in something didn't sound right and the heat didn't come on. I had to go interrupt Mark. He flipped breakers and other switches. Nothing. No heat. Heat is the one thing I don't think I can do without. I had grand visions of having to call our home warranty company yet again (every major system in this house has failed since we moved in in July 2008). I envisioned the peeps morphing into popsicles overnight. I knew I was going to be stuck inside tomorrow waiting for a repair person. As a last ditch effort, Mark turned the thermostat off and on, and the heat kicked on. Let's hope that solution sticks.

So, not an an exciting day. Just a typical day. But I wrote something. I met my goal for today. And now, I'm headed to bed to read more of The Curse of the Spellmans. The second in the series. A third comes out in March. Lovin' it!

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  1. I didn't realize you had a blog! I just saw that you were a "follower" on mine. I wish I could have seen Ruthie mocking you. That's the type of thing that is so irritating but still so cute!