Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Commandment No. 9: Recognize and appreciate love languages

As part of my Happiness Project, I wrote 10 personal commandments. Number 9 is Recognize and appreciate love languages. I gained a new perspective on love languages from my friend, Heather, who offered some sage marriage advice when she blogged about her 10th anniversary. Check it out on her blog, Battery Brains. Heather is several years younger than me, but so much wiser. She's an old soul. And she's an incredible wordsmith, so be sure to read all of her stuff!

Anyway, I took Heather's advice and began paying more attention to Mark's love language. He's not a man of many words or grand gestures. Here's how I know he loves me:

  • Last Sunday, he rode 15 hours on his motorcycle so he could arrive home one day early from a bike trip. He missed me and the peeps.
  • The day after he got home from his trip, he took the peeps for a whole day because he knew I'd been with them alone for four days.I didn't even ask him.
  • Most nights, after dinner, he plays with the peeps so I can have a little break, even though he could probably use a break himself after a stressful day at work. 
  • He brings me coffee in bed EVERY MORNING. Really. EVERY MORNING.
Recognizing and appreciating Mark's love language ... I have someone who loves me ... my ideal reality.

I found the image at Richard Wiseman Blog. Check him out, too!

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  1. As a writer, you can never have enough support and love. Thank you, Mari! Bless your kind words.