Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Should Be ...

Below is a list of all of the things I should be doing instead of blogging. But I haven't blog in awhile, and all the advice I've read on blogging (okay, I've read two articles on blogging) say I should update at least every week, but probably more than that. Yeah. Right. It's not that I don't want to, I do. But I go through periods of time where I'm not inspired. Writer's Block. I know, I know. I'm supposed to power through the Writer's Block. And maybe I will. In December. December 19 at noon, to be exact. Because that is when my last, last, last classes for my master's degree and my special reading certification will be done, done, DONE. And then, I'm going to sit on my ass and eat bon bons (okay, left over Halloween candy). And read books of the non-textbook variety. And watch TV.

Here's that list ... It is actually my written TO DO list. I don't cross things off; I just keep adding.

Clean something
Research ADHD, write two peer response and a lesson learned for EDUC285
Transcribe interviews and observations, edit my Methodology, send Dr. C. my weekly reflection for ED651
Blog (Hey! I CAN cross something off!)
Buy the peeps new pajamas
Send Thank You notes to all the teachers and admins who helped with my master's research.
Create Behavior Charts for the peeps (Yeah, it's getting THAT bad.)
Find low-fat pumpkin recipes
Christmas List
Use Groupons
Make a doctor's appt.
Make a hair appt.
Make a dentist appt. for the peeps.
Decide which mac n cheese to make for Thanksgiving: Pioneer Woman (yummy full fat or Rocco Dispirito (healthy low fat)
Start reading Forge
Keep reading Hatchet