Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gettin' My Old On

In just nine days I will celebrate my 40th birthday! Some women approach this societal milestone with trepidation. Me? I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! I have no idea why, but I am seriously giddy. I guess it could be because I've noticed subtle, positive changes in myself over the past few months, and I'm mentally relating those changes to the BIG 4-0. For example, I think I worry less about stuff I can't control. I find that eating healthier and exercising more are not as burdensome as I used to make them out to be. I'm pushing myself to try new things and to squeeze in a little time here and there to do something I enjoy. I can't shake the feeling that 40 is going to be an amazing year for me!

I do have one concern, though. It's this:
I have started hoarding money  in various and random containers. I hide these containers in my closet and tuck my sweaters around them. Nice and snug and safe. I think this means I'm getting old. Isn't this what old people do? Hoard money in their homes because they don't trust the banks? At least, that's what I think they do. I could be wrong. Or not.

I can totally justify my behavior. The Folgers container (a purchase made by my husband, not me, just to clarify) is my 40 X 4 cruise fund. (Bahamas in November or Bust, Baby!). I put my freelance and sub checks in here as well as any scavenged change. I didn't bother washing it because I love the coffee smell that greets my nose each time I put the lid. The Shatto milk bottle shelters mostly dimes and nickels. This is the peeps' allowance jar. They get a whopping 10 cents for completing certain chores around the house, and this is my stash from which I'll pony up. So, see? I have excellent reasons for hoarding money, and they have nothing to do with me not trusting banks.

Anyone else out there approaching 40? Already hit it? How do you/did you feel? Am I delusional for being ecstatic?


  1. Mari... I have one more year to go, and I'm excited too. Sure, I've got some crows feet, etc. But I'm feeling pretty healthy and in pretty good shape for 40. I think I've also stopped second guessing myself. Perhaps the greatest gift I've ever gotten was from me... I promised to stop sweating the small stuff. Let go and let Taylor.... that's my new motto. Congrats, Baby. Only 10 more years and you can be a cougar!

  2. Hey, Val. Thanks for reading! I thought I could be a cougar @ 40, and now you are saying I have to wait 10 more years? Dang! Glad you are excited about 40, too. And I like your new motto ...