Friday, March 18, 2011

Share the Sucky Times, Too

I try to stay away from writing mom-related blog posts because there about 4,578,901 (I'm just estimating) mommy blogs floating around, and most of them are way better than anything I could write. But, sometimes, doing the mom-post  thing is necessary because it relates to my whole real-realty vs. ideal-reality theme I sort of have going on here. This is one of those times because, finally, some crazy lady admitted  - IN WRITING  FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ- that she isn't a perfect mom. GASP! And she signed her name. Ballsy. Big 'ol ballsy. You can read Jill Smokler's confession here. If you like that, check out her blog, Scary Mommy.

Most moms - and probably dads, too - want to be perfect parents. For whatever reason(s), we work overtime to create the illusion of perfect parenthood by cherry picking the unicorns, rainbows, and sunshiny days from our lives and sharing only those beautiful, pat-me-on-the-back moments with the outside world. Yes, there many times when our ideal reality morphs into our real reality.

But our collective real reality - the reality that connects parents regardless of time and place - is that, sometimes, being a parent just sucks.

Why can't we share those sucky times, too?

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