Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forever Young - The Ideal Reality

Mark and I watched the documentary Young@Heart last weekend. It's a film about a Massachusetts chorus whose members are  each 70+ years old. What sets them apart is that they cover songs from the Rolling Stones, James Brown, Coldplay, and other suprising musicians. It's a fascinating and fun documentary, and it really made me wonder about how I will live my life in later years.

Here's a clip of the group performing Purple Haze.

When the chorus sang Forever Young in tribute to one of its members who passed away the night before a performance, I cried. And I thought about how this was perhaps the ultimate portrayal of how ideal reality and real reality sometimes collide. Throughout the movie, several of the chorus members talked about how alive they felt when they sang with the chorus. Forever Young. This idea was juxtaposed with the reality that all life must end.

I encouraged you to watch the movie. It really is enjoyable. Funny. Intelligent. Heartbreaking. Real.
Check out their website, too.

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