Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Reality Thursday

I finished reading Jennifer Brown's sophomore YA novel Bitter End last night. Actually, finished reading doesn't begin to describe it. I attacked and devoured this book. So good. SO GOOD.

This week, I accomplished something that has been on my To Do list for, like, forever. I registered for the July 6 Volunteer Orientation session for Literacy Kansas City. I used to do a ton of volunteer work, but have gotten away from it over the past several years. Since I'm having a tough time landing a permanent teaching gig, I have some time on my hands. Volunteering though Literacy Kansas City will allow me to share my passion teaching reading by helping adults build their reading skills. Not sure if I'll do some one-on-one tutoring or teach a small group. Obviously, I'll gain more experience and expand my network of contacts. Always good. I'm super excited! First steps always make me tingly!

What's on tap for Real Reality Thursday?
Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy and keep it real!

(Ok ... I've tried a bajillion times to fix the font on the end. UNCLE! Going for my pedi now ...)

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