Thursday, July 7, 2011


Woodshedding. Isn't that a great word? I ran into it while reading this blog post created by Trent, who blogs at The Simple Dollar. It's a personal finance blog with tons of practical, common sense information. I've enjoyed Trent's writing style as much as I have his insights into financial matters. I could easily see myself chatting him up over a cold beer.

Woodshedding. What does it mean? It means doing something simply for the pleasure it brings you. No compensation needed. It's your passion, your love, your dream.

The Urban Dictionary defines woodshedding as
to practice or hone skills, particularly musical skills. the origin is from the fact that for purposes of privacy people would go to their woodshed to practice without being overheard
Last night, I started down the path of woodshedding. As I've mentioned a few times before (OK, a zillion times before), I can't find a teaching job. I earned my master's degree in literacy education at the end of 2010, and all I want to do is help kids build their reading skills. But in these economic times, teaching jobs in my areas of expertise (Communication Arts and Special Reading, in case anyone in the KC Metro is looking to hire an awesome teacher) are few and far between. Competition is fierce, and districts can save some K's by hiring new grads.

Back to woodshedding. Last night I attended a volunteer orientation session at Literacy Kansas City, a local organization that matches volunteer literacy tutors with adults who want to improve their reading skills. I get to practice my passion, hone my skills, make new connections, and share my gift. Super duper excited to get started!

What about you? Do you woodshed? If so, how?


  1. I like that definition of "Woodshedding" better than the one I am familiar with. When I grew up I would hear, "That girl needs to have a woodshed experience." I thought they were talking about corporal punishment all this time and they were actually wanting me to practice in private and hone my skills! *slapping myself in the forehead* I should have volunteered for this more often, rather than try to avoid it. Who knows what kind of person I might be today?! Love that you are doing this. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Still crossing my fingers for that perfect job for you in the meantime, while you are woodshedding. :)

  2. You are a fantastic person, woodshedding or no woodshedding! Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter.