Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frugality Rules!

I rarely lose anything, but when I do lose something, it's usually something significant. By significant, I mean expensive to replace. Some time ago, the key fob to my Escape broke off my key chain. Mark attempted to reattach it using some sort of mysterious expoxy goo. It held for awhile, but it was not a permanent fix. For months, I carried my fob around in my pocket whenever we went anywhere. It wasn't the best situation, but it worked. Getting a new one meant spending about $130. No thanks.

And then, the fob disappeared. I think it fell out of my purse when I was rummaging through it during a performace of Mama Mia! at Starlight Theatre. All of sudden, what had been an annoyance was now an extreme inconvenience. What's funny is that when I started driving, the concept of key fobs wasn't even on the car manufacturers' radar. How I ever managed to unlock my Chevy Chevette without a key fob is a mystery to me.

Our local Ford dealer was kind enough to recommed searching for one on Ebay. If I found one, the dealer would program it for a mere $30. Love me some Ebay. I scored a fob for $11.24. Better yet, it came with programming directions that worked like a charm. I am back in business!

Who doesn't love a little frugality once on awhile?