Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Reality: Home Improvement

Flashback: June 2011. I blogged about our new bathroom tile. I waxed poetic about the plans I had to turn that space into something grand. The metamorphosis would happen over night.

Flashforward: October 2011. Our master bathroom wall looked like this until last week:

For the life of us, we could not find a suitable paint color. This pic doesn't even show the extent of our challenge because we painted over some of the colors with new swatches. In all, we tried 12 different colors. 

But, thanks to Mark, we have found the perfect color and our project is back on track! In fact, the painting is almost done! The mirror frame is here and ready for installation when the painting is done. We still need to select the faucets ($$$$) and coordinating details, but I'm excited!