Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living Vicariously

Traveling the world is my Ideal Reality, ya know. But, my Real Reality kept me here. Which is not to say I didn't have a great spring break. I had a fantastic spring break! We spent some time in Minneapolis and just hung out and relaxed.

Anyway ... one of my colleagues went on the trip and smuggled me back a kilo of kickin' Turkish coffee from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul! He bought it at the most famous coffee shop around. He said the ordering process was similar to that of the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld. Wish I could have experienced that (sigh). The tightly-packed coffee grounds resemble cocoa powder. Slugging a cup takes the phrase "hopped up on caffeine" to a whole new level!

Here's to keepin' it real ...


  1. Oh yum! Glad you got something to enjoy and slip away in thought with.... :)

  2. oooh! sounds tasty! What a treat! Who knows maybe someday you'll have the opportunity to return the favor.