Monday, July 30, 2012

First Ladies: Just Where Are Those Love Skeletons?

While watching the movie J. Edgar the the other night, a curious thought popped into my brain: Why don't we ever hear about the love affairs and sexual scandals of First Ladies? Think about it. Our presidential history is bloated with the tales of indiscretion chalked up by our male leaders. But we rarely hear about the missteps of their female counterparts. Some of these gals had to have slipped a time or two. Why don't we ever hear about it? How do "they" keep these affairs under wraps when every teeny tiny bit of every famous person's life is fodder for the news media?

I tried various Google searches on the topic, but came up with very little. featured the most info in a little ditty called All the Presidents' Wives, but even that article is lacking.

I have no idea why I am stuck on this idea right now. I have about 10 million other things I should be thinking about. I think it has something to do with the fascination I have with seeking out the "human" in people who live extraordinary lives. I find comfort in knowing that, at our core, we are all humans who laugh, cry, love, and screw up big time.

If you are wondering how watching a movie about the head honcho of the FBI led me down this bizarre path, I'll tell ya: In the movie, President Roosevelt asks Hoover to meet with him. Hoover is certain Roosevelt is going to ask for his resignation. Hoover loves his job and the power it brings, and he not about to let it go. So during their meeting, Hoover shows the president a secret file of information on his wife that includes a love letter from journalist Lorena Hickock. Apparently, some historians believe that Eleanor had a lesbian love affair. Who knew? Certainly not me! And now I'm wondering what else has gone on in that big White House. Hmm .... Inquiring minds with nothing better to do want to know!

By the way, I highly recommend the movie. Leonard DiCaprio is unbelievable as Hoover. The movie intertwines events from both Hoover's professional life and personal life. I found this glimpse into a icon that I knew nothing about both fascinating and educational.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, keep it real!

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