Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ideal Reality Vs. Real Reality: Me in the Kitchen - Again

In my Ideal Reality, I fancy myself a foodie (please stick with Definition 1 as I find it to be the most flattering and accurate depiction of my Ideal Reality. I am most certainly NOT Definition 2. At least, I don't think I am!?). In my Real Reality, I would rather ram hot pokers in my eyes than cook/bake/fix/plan/shop for/serve food. I just want it to magically appear.

Occasionally, I get the urge to whoop up on my kitchen. And, on occasion, I'm successful. See here.

Since I'm home more often these days, it only makes sense that I, by default, am the one doing most of the kitchen whoopin' these days. And I struggle. The whole planning/cooking process feels so chaotic to me. People who plan their meals weeks in advance truly fascinate me. Some people I know have planning down to a science. I love the idea of meal planning, simple because it feeds my craving for organization and structure. Or control. Whatever you want to call it. But, I'm terrible about it.

But that's about to change.

The other day, I finally decided to get serious about figuring out how to make meal preparation more tolerable. (Perhaps I'll only gouge one eye.) I went on Google Play and found Food Planner. Boys and Girls, Let the choir sing! I'm completey addicted to this app, which is FREE. Yeah, baby! I can add recipes, convert the needed ingredients to a shopping list, categorize that shopping list and then organize the categories in the order I shop in my grocery store. I can inventory my deep freeze. Oh, and I can plan meals with just a few taps. This app totally feeds my compulsive organizational addiction. I've been filling my recipe inventory and whipping out culinary delights like it's nobody's business this week.

Ideal Reality, meet Real Reality. Love it when that happens!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... keep it real.

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