Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real Reality Thursday: Fried Laptop

We had an unexpected death in the family today: our beloved laptop. MY beloved laptop. The one I snuggled with on the couch. The one that held all of  my dreams. My e-mails. My e-mail addresses. My pictures. My documents from the past four years. The same laptop that gracefully took daily abuse from my PBSKids-playin' peeps. (Apparently, the inclination to push every single keyboard button super hard when the computer freezes is human nature. Who knew?)

Sadly, when I turned it on this morning, I could hear it breathing, but the screen remained black. Death black. But the weird thing is, I didn't freak out. Part of that might be because I had recently backed up most of my "stuff." But I think part of it is that I took a deep breath and listened to the little voice in my head that said, "Put this in perspective. How big of a deal is this really?" I made a choice to not make it a big deal. And it feels good.

Ready for a deep thought? If my biggest problem is that my laptop crashed, I'm doing OK. Because I imagine that my step-sister, who just finished treatment for breast cancer and is preparing for another reconstructive surgery, would take a crashed laptop (my Real Reality) over her situation in a heartbeat. Ditto for the teacher who just found out she has breast cancer. And ditto for my friend who has been up five nights in a row giving her asthmatic son breathing treatments.


How are you spending your Real Reality Thursday?

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, keep it real.


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