Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown, CT

It's 1:30 pm CST. I was out and about this morning, living my Real Reality. Yoga, returning shoes that were too small, finishing up some freelance work. I took a breather and checked Facebook about 30 minutes ago. A friend's vague status struck me as odd, and I knew instantly that something bad had happened. I scrolled frantically through the updates until I saw it.

A mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Someone brutally murdered little kids. Kids who were looking forward to mini corndogs and chocolate milk at lunch.Or a school party. Or a choir concert. Or recess.

My little ones are just up the street. I can just about see their school from the window in our office, where I am sitting and typing. I texted my husband to let him know. I typed, "I just sat here and cried. Just want to run up the street, get the girls, wall us in, and homeschool."

I won't do it ... but I want to.

Most days, I look at the clock at think, "It's almost 3:30. Where did the time go? I didn't get half of my To Do List taken care of, and it's time to get the girls." Today, I'm thinking, "It's only 1:37. I have to wait two more hours to get the girls."

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Newtown, CT, and to their friends and family around the world.

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