Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Boost Your Productivity Rate In One Easy - and Somewhat Painful - Step

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Today marks Day 3 of my smartphone-less status. This was not a self-imposed hiatus. Malfunctioning technology interrupted my love affair with my phone. You see, the camera stopped working on my smartphone. Since the device is still under warranty, I felt obligated to get it fixed. Yes, I am fully aware - as my sister pointed out - that the true purpose of a phone isn't to take pictures. But having that camera sure is convenient. And besides, broken stuff ranks near the top of my list of pet peeves. Of course, getting the phone repaired is uber inconvenient. I had to mail it 550 miles to the LG repair shop in Fort Worth, Texas. With any luck, I'll have it back in two weeks.

(Having whined about all of that, if a broken phone is the worst of my problems - and right now it is - I'm doing pretty well, right?)

The first two days, I was a little lost. And kind of twitchy. And I had a headache that may or may not have been related. No Words With Friends, Candy Crush, Office Zombie, Twitter (@MariRydings) or instant access to e-mail and Facebook. No texting. While my phone addiction isn't as serious as other people's, being without my sidekick has been an adjustment.

But I have adjusted and more quickly than I expected. I'm actually excited about the prospect of losing the old ball-and-chain that technology has become. Or, that I have let it become. For two weeks, my concentration won't be broken by the beeps, vibrations, and clicks that signal new interactions that I feel must warrant my immediate attention (and they never that important). I won't be tempted to check Facebook every few minutes or play a game for just "five more minutes."

If I use my new-found free time wisely, my productivity rate should soar over the next two weeks. Painting the spare bedroom, pounding out some blogs posts, and knocking down some reading are just three things on my list. Experts say it takes two weeks to create a habit, right? Maybe when the Fed Ex dude strolls up the walk in a couple of weeks, I'll give him a blank stare and wonder briefly what he could possibly be bringing me.


Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real.

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