Monday, April 15, 2013

Are You Contagious?

photo credit: zachtrek via photopin cc
I found this gem from a fortune cookie floating around in my purse the other day.
Enthusiasm is contagious.
Not having enthusiasm is also contagious.
Pretty deep stuff, isn't it? And oh so true. It instantly brought to mind my new new friend, Alice, who projects energy and enthusiasm 24/7. Well, maybe not 24/7 (it's possible, but I really don't know) but she is always brimming with cheer and ideas and "can do" every time I see her. And it is contagious. Infectious. Alice's energy seeps into me in a way that makes me  feel like I could climb every mountain and follow every highway.
The fortune also reminded me of friends who I've started to avoid because their ever-present pessimism drains me. After an hour with these friends, I'm tired and cranky and complainy. Their lack of enthusiasm is also contagious. Infectious.
And, then I began to think about myself. What type of contagious am I? Yes, everyone has their up days and their down days. But, which type of contagious am I MOST of the time?
Which type are you?
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real.