Monday, April 21, 2014

Deviled Eggs-periment

My Ideal Reality
Happy Easter! We spent a rare Easter at home this year. Just the four of us. In preparation, the girls and I colored eggs and baked and decorated sugar cookies. Yes, The Meltdown Bakery of Love was open for business! And yes, I had a meltdown. But let's move on.

On Easter Sunday, I serenaded the family with my favorite hymn, "Up From the Grave He Arose," the girls dug through their Easter baskets and we hosted a egg hunt just for Ruth and Audrey. Instead on filling all the plastic eggs with candy, I stuffed some homemade coupons in a few of them. The girls loved them! In fact, Ruth said, "These coupons are better than the candy!" Score one for mama! The coupons were simple and included treats such as, "Enjoy 30 minutes of free computer time during the week," "Have dinner out with just mom" and "Let's go get ice cream!"

I kept the Easter dinner menu low-key, with the exception of the deviled eggs. I found a recipe for Hatching Deviled Egg Chicks, and decided to try it. The image above is my attempt. Go ahead. Compare it to the pic in the article. I'll wait ...

So, as you can see, mine aren't perfect. I didn't have peppercorns, so I used raisins which resulted in my chicks having rather bulbous, uneven peepers. More true to life, I think. And, I didn't have tweezers handy that I felt comfortable using with food, so I tried to hand-place the itty-bitty carrot feet. I recommend tweezers. Or, put the feet in place before placing the eggs, and the just set the egg on top. And, if you have a horizontal serving dish, use that. Trying to put the itty-bitty parts on the chicks when they are crowded on the plate while avoiding sticking your arm into egg innards or knocking over an egg is tough. Overall, though, I think mine turned out pretty well for my first try.

How about you? Any good (or not so good) Easter stories?

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