Monday, August 25, 2014

You Know You Have a Fantastic Contractor When You Don't Want Him to Leave

Here we are at the start of Week 5 of the Great Kitchen Remodel: 

kitchen remodeling
The breakfast nook is painted and trimmed! 

kitchen remodeling
The trim work around the cabinets is amazing!
You likey? ME lovey!

I'm thrilled to report that we are sailing through Phases 4 AND 5 of my Six Phases of Home Improvement program. I am NOT ready for "these people" to get out of my house, and I have yet to feel like I hate everyone. Quite the contrary. I've been scheming about how I can talk my husband into another home improvement project. (I already know the answer ... NEVER. But a girl can dream.) I wish I could keep the Old House Magician and his Trusty Assistant all to myself and always at the ready. Yes, I have a contractor crush. Hearts. Rainbows. Unicorns. 

This week's activities should include installation of the tile floor, granite counter tops and possibly the back splash as well as the cabinet doors and drawers and electrical stuff. The OHM thinks he'll be done by the early part of the next week! 

I can't wait to share the finished project!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real.

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