Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fashion for the Over 40 Crowd

Trying to find a fashionista image of myself to accompany this post was tougher than I thought it would be. Images of me are few and far between, and images of me looking stylish even farther! This one is from August 2014. My husband snapped it as the peeps and I were preparing to leave for their first day of 2nd grade. I like this picture. My hair looks good, my smile is genuine and I am rockin' that cardigan! 

I'm a classic dresser. I love comfortable clothes that look nice and fit well. But when I went back to work last fall, I wanted to up my game a bit. Add some color, some flair, some fun. But remain classy, definitely age appropriate and professional. Can you tell from the photo I'm not a big "show some skin" gal? All buttoned up, baby! That's me. 

But where to start to find what's in, what's out, what's apropro, what's not? 

The blogs below focus on fashion for women over 40, and they are fabulous! They offer inspiration, ideas and courage as I step outside my comfy comfort zone and try new styles, colors and ... gasp! ... showing a little skin.

Maybe the fashion gal in the mirror (Real Reality) will one day reflect the one in my head (Ideal Reality)! 


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