Wednesday, December 16, 2015

13 Things I Learned From Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell at our Club W Event
Andie MacDowell at our Club W event.
A few weeks ago, my work hosted a women's event featuring actress Andie MacDowell. At the ninth hour, I was asked if I'd like to interview her. Um, interview a celebrity? Yes, please!

The interview lasted just a minutes, as I was the first of several people who wanted some of her time before she spoke at our event. But in those few moments, and in the talk she presented to the crowd, Andie reminded me just how important positive self-esteem is to living a good, healthy life. 

Here are a few gems Andie imparted that evening. Which ones are your favorites? I like 3, 5 and 13.
  1. How you feel about yourself creates the life you lead.
  2. Self-esteem gives you good energy to make good choices about what you eat.
  3. In life, we get all kinds of messages. Be careful with the messages you keep inside your soul. They make a difference in how you live your life.
  4. Hold all your goodness inside of you.
  5. What really matters is what you think and feel about yourself.
  6. How do you stand up for yourself?
  7. I’m not losing my beauty. My beauty is just different than from when I was younger.
  8. Healthy is beautiful. Everything looks good when it is healthy.
  9. Think about your self-worth and value. What does beauty mean to you?
  10. It’s all in how much effort you put into it, how hard you try to take care of yourself and what messages you feed yourself.
  11. What makes you happy?
  12. Choose to focus on the good memories.
  13. Beauty is an action. You have to be a beautiful person to be a beautiful person. 
If you'd like to see my whole interview with Andie, watch One Minute With Andie.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real! 

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