Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mid-year Review - 18 in 18

Picture of desk with flowers, glass containers and mid-year update

At the beginning of the year, I posted 18 goals I wanted to achieve by Dec. 31. Let's check my progress! 

1. Play all the games and put together all the puzzles in our game closet at least once.
  • I didn't count how many we have, but we've played seven games so far. And, bought one new one (Exploding Kittens, so fun!). 
2. Make all the craft kits and science projects in the game closet. 
  • We did all of the science projects and crafts! We made super balls, glow sticks and a birdhouse.
3. Try kayaking.
  • I signed up for a day trip, but couldn't figure out how to make it work with Father's Day weekend celebration for my dad and the husband.
4. Watch The Godfather Trilogy. It comes on on Netflix this month. I would prefer to read the books (I hear they are so, so good), but movies will have to do for now. 
  • I've watched Parts 1 and 2. Engaging storyline, but I can't keep the characters straight.
5. Blog at least once every two weeks.
  • I fell off the wagon. After writing for work all day, my creative juices are squeezed. I gotta find a way to make it work. 
6. Meal plan for at least one week each month using at least one new recipe. I got a Lidia's cookbook for Christmas!
  • I plan meals at least two weeks a month! Overachieved! We cook/grill/bake two or three main dishes on Sunday and match up some sides. We've tried three of Lidia's recipes, and I've worked in a few other new ones. 
7. Do a latch hook project. I was obsessed with these when I was 10-11 years old. I am super excited to give this a whirl.
  • No latch hook, but I finished one jigsaw puzzle and just started a 2,000 piece one. Just haven't found a latch hook that catches my attention. 
8. Refinish the coffee table-turned-bench that I bought for $7 at Savers last year.
  • I still have five months!
9. Restain the entryway woodwork.
  • Got it stained, just need to slap on a coat of polyurethane.
10. Read at least 18 books.
  • Just finished number 16!
11. Find a financial planner.
  • Still in the research stage.
12. Get our estate in order. 
  • I still have five months!
13. Practice mindfulness with my eating, which includes tracking my sweets. 
  • In progress. I'm not physically tracking my sweets, but I am being more mindful of how many sweets I eat. I've all but cut out my afternoon sweet treat.
14. Connect more often with people I admire, enjoy and like being around.
  • This one is hard because of crazy schedules. But, I met my BFF for a quick weekend getaway, and I met another BFF for a local women's event.  
15. Have more outdoor adventures. Go hiking at least once a month when the weather gets warmer, plus camp at least three time this spring/summer/fall.
  • Our winter lasted until mid-April and then we jumped right into a blazing hot summer. We went camping over Memorial Day weekend. But, it's been too hot to do much outside. Eagerly waiting for fall.
16. Upgrade our camping gear.
  • Done!
17. Refrain from climbing into bed before 9 p.m. at least three days a week.
  • Honestly, I forgot about this one. I still have five months! But, I LOVE my bed!
18. Teach the peeps a few more cooking skills. 
  • I still have five months!
Did you set any goals for the year? If so, how's it going? Every day is a new day to try, try again. 

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real!