Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lisa Kogan Gets It

Most passport pictures are good likenesses, and it is time we faced it.  ~Katharine Brush

I ran across that quote the other day and think it sums up ideal reality versus real reality nicely. It also gave me a chuckle, and I could use a few more of those these days. I have no idea who Katharine Brush is/was. Must Google her.

You know who else does a fantastic job analyzing ideal reality and real reality? Lisa Kogan. She's an O The Oprah Magazine columnist and an author. I just finished her book Someone Will Be With You Shortly. I laughed, sighed, and chuckled through the pages as Lisa wrote about her ideal realities colliding with her real realities. The interesting thing is that by the end of each chapter, after pontificating on her ideal realities, Lisa usually decides she prefers her real reality. And she states this in such a charming way.

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