Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Reality Thursday

I'm about to wrap up my first week of teaching. I am soooooooooo tired! Apparently, I have been living the life of luxury for the past year (sure didn't feel like it) because this week has kicked my hiney. But it's been good. My students are cute and fun and smart. I'm really looking forward to spending the year with them.

The school is slowly coming together. The lockers and student desks arrived today. Those items will eliminate two major headaches for teachers. I'm loving how things pop up every day. It's like Christmas. Yesterday it was our clocks; any day we'll get our phones. The lounge has a fridge, coffee pot (with all the accoutrements supplied!), and a copier. All a teacher really needs.

My biggest challenge to date - and it's not just my challenge  - is our eighth grade class. It's the first year that the school has an eighth grade (7th, too, for that matter). The grade consists of seven students: 6 Hispanic students (one male; five females) and one African-American (female) student. It's a long story, but the dynamics are not ideal. The road is paved for an uphill battle in so many ways. We're committed to making it work, though. It's a great group of kiddos, and I really want to see them succeed at this school.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend! I'm already thinking about what beer or other alkie bev I'm going to drink.

Hope you had a great Thursday. Whatever you did, I hope you kept it real.

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