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Submissive? Candace Just Might Be Onto Something

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Last week, Candace Cameron Bure (you know, DJ from Full House) created a minor kerfluffle in the universe by speaking out about her decision to be a “submissive” wife in her 17-year marriage.

I suspect her statements had something to do with promoting her new book, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose. (I’ll help her out a bit, too, by providing y’all with a link). I mean, really, it is the perfect sound bite to grab media attention and with which to anchor an interview. Purpose served because it got a few people talking on web sites and social media venues, such as Twitter.

That word, “submissive,” boy, it gets people riled up, doesn’t it? Especially women. I won’t lie. That word makes my bones itch because I equate it with being weak. And I hate to be thought of as weak. (Shudder.) But when I listened to Candace’s explanation, I found myself agreeing with her on a basic level.

You see, I’m an arguer. Big time. I argue about things that, when I take a step back, really don’t even matter. I argue with my kids. I argue with my husband. I argue with myself. Candace’s comments have me wondering how things might be different if I just shut up on occasion. If I just let things go. At least the small things.

My husband is wise and smart and logical (and handsome!), and in my heart I trust him to make good decisions for our family, and he trusts me to do the same.  I know he values and respects my opinions as much as I do his. What positive changes would come to our sweet family if I showed him that trust and respect by not arguing? By being a tad more submissive?

Might be a goal worth pursuing.


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