Monday, June 30, 2014

The Most Awesome Book Series for Kids You Have Never Read

If your family hasn't read The Sisters 8 series created by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, her husband Greg and their daughter Jackie, you need to get yourself to a bookstore. NOW. Seriously. NOW. I'll wait.

Are you back? Okay. Hopefully, you picked up Book 1: Annie's Adventures. The series is centered around the 7-year-old Huit octuplets,  a group of intelligent, snarky, sassy and creative female problem solvers. When their parents disappear on New Year's Eve, the Huit girls aren't sure what to do. At first. They find a cryptic note in a loose fireplace stone stating that each girl has a yet to be discovered power and gift. Fearing that if they call the police or a relative that they will be separated, this tight-knit clan decides to figure out how to survive on their own without letting on their parents are missing.

The peeps and I just started Book 5: Marcia's Madness. They beg me to read with them each night, and I admit that I'm always curious as to what happens next. We can't get enough of the suspense and the humor, and we love reading about how the girls solve the various problems usually reserved for adults (paying bills, driving a car, cooking food). Fun illustrations and hilariously evil criminals add to the experience.

We are excited about our summer book series! 

Trivia: I read about the series on The Simple Dollar blog post Five Children's Books That Teach Useful Money Tactics.

Have you discovered The Sisters 8 series? If so, share your thoughts!

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