Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 3 Words for 2015 ... and a Theme

Number 3 (three)

I can't think of a better time to revive my blog than the start of a brand new year. I'm three months into my new job and life has settled down a bit.  

For the past several years, Chris Brogan, has encouraged people to kick off the new year by focusing on just three guiding words instead the vague resolutions.  You can read more about his approach here. I liked the idea, so I decided to give it a try. 

My 3 words for 2015 are: 1) Slow. 2) Help. 3) Priorities.

SLOW. As in, slow down, sister! I put myself in a constant whirlwind of getting things done, and I'm exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I also make stupid mistakes when I'm rushing. So this year, I want to slow myself down so I can think, focus, savor and be my best self. It goes along with the idea of being present in the moment. I've lost that ability and want it back. 

HELP. As in, help others. I have been so much in my own head for so long, it seems I've forgotten there are other people in this world who need a helping hand. . 

PRIORITIES. As in, figure out what's most important. Usually, it's not cleaning the house or keeping myself awake at night worrying about things I can't change or have no control over.This year, my priorities are people, especially the ones who live with me.

I also picked a theme: FUN! Basically, I'm not having any fun in life. I'm not laughing enough. And that's stupid because when I step out of my head, I realize what an awesome life I have. I want to enjoy it.  

What are your 3 words? Do you also have a theme?

Thanks for reading! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing ... Keep It Real!

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